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Birthdate:May 30
Location:Glasgow, (Error in Linkification)
24. Female. Scottish. Tall. Working on replacing her bloodstream with a flow of pure caffine - going well, so far. Attempts to be tough are thwarted by breaking out into a fit of fangirly giggles at various members of JE. Addicted to video games, despite the mental trauma they put her through. Has resigned herself to selling her kidneys to pay for her Johnny's Entertainment fixation.Johnny's Entertainment - Namely NEWS, Arashi and KAT-TUN.
Practically every computer game ever made. A vast array of anime and manga. I'd name 'em all, but I'd be here all day, and it keeps growing. (Ohohoho, that's what she said~)
Pretty things - be it people or objects. Sparkles, glitter, bright colours, feathers, ruffles a.k.a. JE costumes. Yaoi - yes, I am one of those people. Playing God. Being better than you. Looking pretty. Winning at life. Being a DoS. 'Learning' Japanese. Alcohol - Hey, I AM Scottish. Making fun of the English. Snow. Fashion. Pretending to be an artist. Music - any genre, just so long as it's GOOD. Pretending to be a writer. Chocolate bars bigger than my head.Unattractive things - be it people or objects. Spiders. Clowns. Neds. Romance - Oh, spare me, please. Close mindedness. People mistaking me as being English. Being called 'British'. Cheese. Mushrooms.MOODTHEME BY [info]venus_aurea/[info]midnightsdesign
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